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bigdamnknitters's Journal

Pretty cunning, don't cha' think?

for the love of firefly and knitting (jayne hats!)
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I think it's the sweetest hat ever.

A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything...

This is a community for lovers of Firefly and knitters(crochet too!) to talk about both topics. We're open to anyone interested in making/wearing/looking at Jayne hats.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: In light of this, any posts either asking to purchase or offering to sell hats WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Asking for help on learning to knit/crochet (jayne)hats, and teaching others is highly encouraged.

Some rules: (please read before posting)
-Post all you want about Jayne/Adam Baldwin, Firefly/Serenity, knitting/jayne hats. Icons, graphics, are all acceptable. No fanfics please.
-Make sure to cut icon posts over 3.
-If any image you post is really big, or you post more than a few, put these behind a cut too.
-Likewise, if there's lots of text, please use a cut tag.
-Don't argue or cause trouble, or we'll hafta get Vera. This community is for everyone who loves Jayne and knitting his crazy hats.
-Promoting other Firefly/Serenity/Jossverse/Knitting/Crafting communities is just fine.
-Have fun, people!

Helpful Jayne-hat-making links:
Heather's Firefly Hat
Jayne Cobb Hat for Mugua (Dummies)

Screencaps from Firefly:
The Message
The Man They Call Jayne

Have questions? See something that should be added to this page? Contact your moderators: acertainflower or thatwordgrrl